Palladian interpretation_breaking in simplicity

July 5th, 2018

The model represents modern version of villas designed by Andrea Palladio. By working with spatial principles of Palladio we created conpemorary villa for cohousing and coworking. One of the four principles, was introducing central space in the object, which would connect and unify the heirarchy of subspaces created inside. Inner intersection, overlapping and overall dynamic of volume is in the contrast with plane and simple form of the building’s exterior. The central space, is in this case, slightly moved from its geometrical center, but kept emphasized, via cut in the form, visible in the structure, in the facade and experienced in the inner organization. Second microelement, taken from Palladian villas, was presence of water, which back in the days was surrounding buildings. This element is introduced in form of a elongated pool, connecting the building with lake in front of it. Water now becomes at the same time element of interior and of the landscape and creates a dialog between inside and outside. In the context of landscape, pool with its shape, gives the villa monumentality, in a way that, villas of Palladio were uniqly positioned and heighlighted by their context.

Surrounded by nature, which came through water element up to the building, breaking it and leaving a mark the villa. Therefore the villa itself becomes a space where water starts , while lake as a place where it ends, or starts again.

Ivana Dzida

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