Niente Da Nascondere- Conceptual Exhibition Center

July 5th, 2018

Eugenio Montale, famous Italian poet and writer who was born in Genoa admires the conflict of the sea and high rise mountains facing each other in Genova and how it is similar to the facts of human individual life and society, also on the other hand in this project we are dealing with two buildings which both of them dates back to fascism area in 20th century with stifling and dark atmosphere. Considering the fact that we are in the 21st century with the motto of democracy and freedom and according to all of these paradoxes in our way of design, we came to a concept of showing the narrow line between lighting and darkness. To reach this aim, two buildings and their mountainous connection are considered as a substrate for an exact story with its timeline to bring people to a journey with a new experience of art. Each building plays its own role depends on its features and specialities.


With a look to all interior and exterior features and functions of existing building, it is significant that it has almost all the fascism signs such as symmetry, rationality, simplicity and the sense of invitation. so we decided to represent this monument through different exhibitions which are emphasizing The paradoxes mentioned above. We started with bricking the straight pathway to the building which is placing in the domain of the mountain and we made a long journey made of abstract and conceptual elements which are presenting different fascism features of the building with the contrast of freedom and light (thanks to the free and light nature of Savignone).

In the next step we define the right side the building as a sign of fascism and the left side of it as a sign of democracy and freedom and we developed our design in the way to let the visitors experience a journey from darkness to the pure light .we added two main volumes to the building which are 2 ramps passing vertically in two wings of the building, the one on the right is struggling with the structure inside the building and tries to pass through it without any touch, the ramp is like a closed box which visitors can feel the stifling and dark atmosphere inside it and in some parts we made it open to show them the various features of existing building and the end ramp lead the visitors to the resulting room which is exhibited as an installation and each of them can have their own perceptions. In each floor between two ramps we designed different installation, the visitors can experience the journey from darkness to lighting, closed to open and roughness to softness. Finally, they will go through the other ramp which penetrates the facade of the building and its flying through nature and light and gives the visitors the best result of freedom.

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