Mass and void

July 5th, 2018

The project is inspired by Palladian Villas. Initially, the spaces of the villa were perceived as completely free and open spaces that are shaped by the presence of walls. These free space – regardless of their function – have been ordered and organized by the presence of these walls. Conceptualy we see the space as a “void” and walls as a “mass”.

A conceptual model emphasizes the invert power which “void” has , and in this case it is the mass.

As an architects we always deal with the mass which modulate the space. Mass can direct or stop people movement, and void is giving a freedom to interact with the space. With this physical representation the aim is to show the size and the power of the free space in our project, but also to show its limits. Another interesting point we can see, is the form of the free space and how it takes shape of the limits that we put.
We can say that these two elements, mass and void, are the important points in designing. It is a gift to provide people with practical movement through space, especially when it comes to free spaces then the walls get more meaning because they are the less.

Dina Sretenovic

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