Luis Barragàn Archive

July 5th, 2018








Located just behind the perimeter wall of Barragàn’s house, the Archive is meant to reattach in two different ways the presence of the architect to the present.

First of all it recreates the way to reconnect phisically the house and the gardens previously projected by the architect wich are now belonging to the neighborhwood, second, ideally the function of the archive is the means to renew the memory on Luis Barragàn’s work.

Following a path that brings from the original house to the extention, the visitor is invited to get confident with the refined and complex conception of Architecture of Luis Barragàn to achive to a simple case made of concrete that hosts his heritage. The resonance of Barragan’s Architecture is provided by a carefull modulation of the light and by the negation of the facade wich is again as plane and simple as possible with just three thin cuts that simultaneusly bring the water away from the building and adorne the concrete surface with unpredictable stains.

The building is two-story, on the ground leve,l aside of the reseption,  the core of the Archive is hidden by an equipped wall that includes a shelf for models and book stocking and extractable tables and seats. A skylight system together with a body of water on the south side provides a diffused but not boring illumination that  reconfigure the perseption of the interiors hour by hour on the second floor, where the consultation function is provided.

A fundamental aspect is finally the connection, not direct and immediate, with the environment; the building infact can be considered as a wall that from one side has to introduce itself discreetly to the facade of Barragàn house and on the other side to establish contact with the lush and almost wild garden of the neighborhood.

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