Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: INSIDE/OUTSIDE

July 5th, 2018

The name of the project is “inside/outside”, the project is located in Dalmine in the province of Bergamo, the goal of the project is to return to the city spaces not used by industry, the project wants to reuse an industrial tower, it will become an exhibition space and an event space that develops on different levels, so space and function for the city, in the basement of the tower there are technical spaces, on the ground floor there is the access, first and second floor will be exhibition spaces, at the last level at a height of about 60 m there is a nice viewpoint space above the city and a lounge bar, the cover is in glass and steel, these levels cover a portion of the tower leaving free much of the vertical wall of the tower on which you can make a full video projection to 180 degrees, the park at the base of the tower will be public and not private as today, There are walkways between the trees of the park, the project area is closed by the railway line used by the industry so the project involves the construction of a passage above the railway line that allows people to reach the park and the tower, so a union between city and park, the passage is also connected with an underground parking place below another unused area of ??industry, the roof of the passage is supported by inclined elements that recall the architecture of the tower. The maquette is made with two different colors, the dark brown represents the city, the light brown represents the industry, the city enters inside the industrial area and make a “freespace”, are two main references of the project, the first is the “Gasometer of Oberhausen”, Austria, the second is the “Pirelli tower” by Vittorio Gregotti in bicocca, Milan.                                [Gionni Morrone]


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