In and Out of Amsterdam: EXHIBITION HOUSE

July 5th, 2018

In and Out of Amsterdam: EXHIBITION HOUSE

The challenge to show respect to the strong surrounding of Amsterdam and also to host the small dutch collection is completed by the design of ‘in and out’ exhibition house. The specific style and almost always repeated rhythm of facades could not be avoided in the facades of new buildings inserted between traditional villas and churches as it is on this site.
The analysis within three-partition, highlighting of the center and diverse treatment of ground floor in the facades is the base which served as a grid. The grid is enriched by removing unnecessary shapes and the rest is drawn-out or inserted according to the use of interior.
Anyway, the reaction between facade and interiors is crucial for the presence of the light in the exhibition and its disposition. The ‘outside’ creates ‘inside’ and the influence of the surrounding comes deeply in the flow of space. The main attribute of openings that are not on the front rectangular shape in the plane of facade, but on the sides of the pop-in and pop-outs gives the most significant distinction between fitted-in new and existing old. Something unusual for the traditional architecture came in the core of the building- the three floors void which defined the concept of core and shell together with described story of facades. The known feeling outside and new experience inside exhibition is the result of contrast in the concept of the building.
So, what should be more valued by citizens than something domestic-but new, holding the part of national art previously widely spread and lost.

Sanja Gogic

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