Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Cultural Center in Tarifa

July 5th, 2018

The aim of the design studio was to create a cultural center for immigration in the southest point of Spain, in Tarifa. The project started with few indications from a geographical point. We have reported the measures of the triangle area, the orientation and the presence of an infrastructure and a mountain in the northern part. We started to design a building with a clear functional program but ignored the area and its morphological and climatic features. Then, after a study trip to Tarifa and in Andalusia, it was possible to get in close contact with the project area, the place and the culture of the place. This moment rapresented a turning point for whole project. We became aware of the problems that the preliminary project had. Upon returning from Spain, the project was modified and adapted according to the new directives that had been imposed by the nature of the place and tue spanish culture. The project that I design is intended as a monolithic element in the city. The triangular shape, dictated by the shape of the lot, aims to be a sort of recognizable element from the city and the African continent, only 14km away. The south elevations are free and open towards the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean while the one towards the north is partly sunk by the mountain relief that makes the sensation of monoliths perched on the ground even stronger. The concept provides that the building is composed of two elements: the first that acts as a base and is the most solid on the ground and on the hill. The second element, trapezoidal shaped, has a reticular structure and represents the true monolithic and impacting element. The two elements are firmly connected by a ramp that runs through the entire building and connects it from the basement to the third exhibition floor. The base accommodates more public functions such as a café, a restaurant, and classrooms for workshops and open spaces for aggregation. The upper element, on the other hand,host the two floors of exhibition space with ticket office and bookshop.

Design by Giovanni Dello Ioio

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