Biennale-Sessions_20186-8JUL: Co-working and Co-living Building

July 5th, 2018

The building is a place for co-working and co-living.
The load-bearing structure of the building is composed of the inside bearing walls and the four outside pillars standing at the two diagonal corners where the beams are free-standing. Two couples of bearing walls stand at the other two diagonal corners on the outline of the structure grid, and the other bearing walls stand at the inner corner of the grid facing the outside pillars. In this way, the two corners where outside stand the pillars are freed from the structure and are guaranteed a good view.
The interior partitions are connected at the inner corner of the grid and detached from the exterior walls. Therefore, every rectangular space within the grid becomes a “room” and connected to the neighboring space through the gap between the walls. The rooms are directly connected to each other without corridors, even there can be no interior doors for the rooms because the function of the rooms is carefully arranged and the privacy can be guaranteed by the blocking of the furniture. The whole space is separated from the outside by glazing and the bearing walls at the corner while the interior space can still stay as a whole surrounded by the connections between the rooms. And the building stands on a sunken pedestal and surrounded by a sunken garden as if the whole building is separated from exterior environment.
For each room, except for the toilets on the corners, the function can be changed freely from a bedroom to a work space, for instance, two neighboring bedrooms, or two neighboring work space, or one bedroom connected with a work space. On each floor, there are two balconies at a big scale extended from the interior public space. As the axial directions of the floors are interlaced, at the balcony, the space is double-heighted and open to strengthen the feeling of the excellent view. The sunken garden is connected to a underground parking lot and some ancillary rooms.

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