Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: ZERO-CENTO

July 5th, 2018

The project is located in a space donated to the public. Initially used as an anti-aircraft shelter now it has given back as a memory of itself and as an opportunity for reflection and confrontation between past and present.

The exercise consists in creating an exhibition on the contrasts.
The set-up takes shape from the juxtaposition of two temporal perceptions that, albeit different, tell the same theme: the Terror, yesterday (the Wars,) and today (the terrorist attacks).

ZERO-CENTO was born as a result of the inspection carried out inside the ex-refuge anti-aircraft 87 in Milan. The space still tells the events that happened almost a hundred years ago: Terror, Fear and Dismay, were the feelings felt when the alarm sounded. Then, the running to the shelter where many people crammed into a just 30 square meters room. People remained seated for an indefinite lapse of time. They waited helplessly for the slow and inexorable passage of time. A time that by its nature during the waiting times dilates so slow, to be defined as 0.
Here is the contrast.
Today the terror is no longer lived with the sound of a siren, you can not even realize what is happening. There are the attacks and there are only the screams, the races and the time sped up, so accelerated that almost does not exist. The TIME 100.

Rooms were then created in which the exhibition takes shape, in particular the room of time dilated, the time 0, which wants to give a sense of oppression in a first phase, and a sense of timelessness and spacelessness in a second phase.
We find then a filter room, the numbers room, which represents all the numerology concerning wars and terrorist attacks.
The last room instead characterizes the time 100, the contract time, represented as a distortion of the user through a myriad of screens representing videos with pieces of news that overlap each other.
The last part, in the corridor, was thought as participatory wall, where people can leave a thought about the two sentences: ‘’I’m afraid of..’’ and ‘’I whish that..’’

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