Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: UFFA!

July 5th, 2018



a project by : Elena Scaglioni, Alberto Roncelli, Francesca Tagliavini, Marta Saccuman

model by : Elena ScaglioniThe question we asked ourselves was how to best configure a space in which people can live and work. The complex in which our project fits is mostly residential, the Viridiana, situated in the south of Milan. The Viridiana is a Caccia Dominions and Magistretti project. From our analysis it seemed to us that this residential complex lived a bit ‘the syndrome of the truman show, a fully enclosed locus amoenus with which all the inhabitants seem apparently extremely satisfied. Our idea was to break down the boundary of this fence through the flows of people to go against the purely residential attitude of the complex, composing an aggregation of people working at home. The challenge is to shift the attention from the bedroom to the social private space and the greatest difficulty has been being able to concentrate the functions in order to have an higher quality private social space. The answer was to identify a single element that corralled throughout the apartment, a kind of wall six feet thick, a big fixed fourniture extremely equipped, with bed, bathroom and wardrobe. Through this element, called “the bone”, we have succeeded in minimizing the space of functions and maximizing the social private space both in each nucleus where people can receive their clients, and outside the nucleuses in the common space. The bone is composed of wooden panels with a sound-absorbing panel interposed to guarantee the privacy in each room. The manifesto of our project is called UFFA!, the acronym for unconventional factory for aggregation. Perhaps now Truman has gone through.

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