Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: The soul of nature

July 5th, 2018

The soul of nature

Maria Giulia Iacobone, Viktoriya Kashchuk, Gianfilippo Luparini


The project fits into the urban context of Bonola, a district of the North-Western suburbs of Milan that is characterized by the strong presence of residences and also by the scarce public places aimed at social aggregation.

In this way, the construction of the new primary school aims to become an attractive center, supported by the nearby park.

The building is surrounded by a Botanical Garden that has a part completely public and a part reserved for the school: each area is designed as an island in its own right, characterized by the use of specific trees of different geographical areas of the world.

This choice is due to the desire to admire the different blooms and beautiful colors at any time of the year.

The new park invades the school with its sinuous forms, modifying in this way the internal shape of the ground floor, and through the use of bioclimatic greenhouses, which improve the climate of the classroom environments.

The building is composed of two symmetrical parallelepipeds, which represent the classrooms for conventional teaching and the administrative part. To allow contemporary use by the community and children, it was decided to separate the collective rooms (gym, canteen, library) from the classrooms themselves; these are in fact equipped with greenhouses that are exploited as interdisciplinary laboratories.

The 15 sections of the school also have the opportunity to admire exotic tree species in the huge greenhouse that have under.

The solidity and rigidity of the building is broken by the inclusion of new environments dedicated to alternative teaching inspired by the “Montessoriana” and “Steineriana” schools. 

These spaces, characterized by the use of free forms and a different external covering, are connected through an open bridge-corridor incorporated by the brise soleil.

The coexistence of the two different souls of the project is allowed through the direct connection that is created between closed space and open space, in fact the nature is a fundamental part of the building technology packages of the entire building.

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