Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Play Path

July 5th, 2018

As a preparation for the design project, we made a study from the Church of Santa Maria Immacolata, Longarone, Italy, which is designed by Giovanni Michelucchi.

Prompt of path from the church provides us a new view about plasticity of concrete. This magical material gives us more possibility. The thought about path and concrete then was used as a reference for our design project. At the same time, the remaining structure can be flexibly renovated to fulfill actors’ houses and public performance spaces. With these functions, the striking concrete structure can attract more visitors.

For respecting peculiar masses, we would like to use some spontaneous ways to accommodate more free spaces and multiple events. This building could be designed as a self-sufficient community as well as a concrete playground according to its location. Ramps are introduced as streets. They response to casual performance and all kinds of stories. They are wide for multiple people to walk, for children to play, for disabled people to visit, for street performance, for cycling or even riding a horse.

The ramp extends from the bottom to the top, which connects the interior space and outdoor space. The slope of the ramp is 1:15, which is suitable for people to wander in the city, just like in the flat. With the variable space and light, and the floating site for performance and view, people could freely experience the performance and landscape, promenade across the whole building.

There is a main theater, an open theater and two flexible performance spaces in the project. This building can provide more different spaces for different performances and activities. The ramp is the most brilliant place for casual performance and it is wide enough to hold a drama. The relationship on ramp between audience and actors could be very close. At the same time, a show can be seen from outside of the building and different levels of ramp. As for houses, they are important components to this small community. Actors can freely choose different place’s house in the building. Houses are connected by ramp, like streets and buildings.

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