Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Music School in previous Colonia Montana di Renesso

July 5th, 2018

The building was a former colonia that used as children’s summer holiday camp. It was built during the facist era of Italy, and designed in the rationlist architectural style. The building was constructed with a reinforced concrete frame, and external masonry cavity walls. The colonia locates in the countryside close to Genova, which surrounded by hills and forests. On top of the roof there is nice view with landscape of hills and greenary.

Few concepts were important when designing the renovation of this building. First, we do not want to change the existing structures, as a result, we inserted new space within the exsiting building, as you can see in the model those curvy organic shaped space. Second, we would like to distinguish and give new life to the building, that we designed those organic shaped space inside the original rigid design of the rationalistic style of the building. Of course, those newly inserted structures can be removed later if one day the users no longer like them. The important concept is to keep the space flexible and editable in the future, and at the same time keep the original historic and structural value. Third, given an advantage of natural landscape around the colonia, we would like to combine and introduce the surrouding natural environment to the interior, some parts of the exisiting windows are removed, and transformed into loggia for the newly inserted space, which create a barrier between exterior and interior.

The function of the building is a branch of the music school, that provides two theatres, dwelling for visiting musicians, sound recording studio, co-working space, jazz cafe, and instrument shop. The aim is the provide a space not only for students study in music school, but also suitable for families of students, visiting guests of school and also public.

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