Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Inside insight

July 5th, 2018

Our project is to reconstruct a small cottage in vesscasa bassa, which is a small village on the mountain behind Ponte di legno. The village is quiet well known for its cheese production. So we are going to rebuilt this building into a cheese workshop and restaurant as well.


First, the cottage is well conserved, it works even we did not do anything on it. For this reason, we try to not change too much of the original structure.


The extension will be added without any direct connection with the old cottage, serving as a house for worker. And by extending the roof, a sheltered space for milking, will be created. As we all know, milk is the indispensable material of cheese making and milking is also an interesting activity for tourists.

After researching the process of cheese making we plan the upper floor as the workshop because people can work here by collecting milk directly from the farm on the hill behind. Meanwhile, the ground floor will serve as a restaurant for people to taste food cooked with cheese the made.


On the north part of the cottage, we have a very narrow and low space. So we designed it as a double height and elevated the floor a little bit as well to shorten the length of the stairs. This part will be used as the dining area.

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