Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: False perception

July 5th, 2018

An exhibition house in Amsterdam

_students Matteo Leverone, Simone Marzorati, Elena Volpi, Erica Zoccarato

The exhibition house “False Perception” takes its name from the theme that unites the pictorial, sculptural and design works on display.  During the studio the design process started from the choice of the collections to exhibit. Since the topic is very much linked to geometric figures, the itinerary of the museum begins in the art world with the works of Oscar Reutersvärd and Escher, famous for their representations of impossible figures and geometries; from here the exhibition moves into the three-dimensional world with the paintings of Patrick Hughes and the “incomplete cubes” of Sol Lewitt until it reaches the illusory sculptures of Markus Raetz. Finally, design objects such as chairs by Benoit  Convers and shelves by Charles Kalpakian are also on display. The route ends with works by Felice Varini.

The false perception immediately guided the design of the building. The radical idea behind it, is to give the illusion of a building that is very small compared to the urban context in which it is located, and only once it has entered does it discover an underground world: the world of false perception. The building was designed with an illusory shape in such a way that it looks like a simple form of a “normal” house even if it is not. It is in direct relation with the flooring of the urban square that is formed: it has an illusory design too that gives the sensation of falling into a hole: the patio. Every room of the exhibition house has been designed in such a way as to have illusions: the atrium with its impossible staircases taken from Escher’s paintings, the room of the same artist designed with an accelerated perspective, that of Patrick Hughes conceived as an endless space, the works of Markus Raetz exhibited on “ flying” cubes of mirrors.

The natural light enters the museum through a central open- air patio and skylights that, thanks to the play of light and shade given by particular ceilings, give a fascinating and surreal atmosphere to the design.

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