Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: elementSansiro

July 5th, 2018

During the Interior Design Studio held by professors Rizzi and Sarto, ended some days ago, we focused on the regeneration of the popular neighbourhood of San Siro in Milan. We designed a masterplan in order to make the area more attractive and functional both to the inhabitants and to the citizens in general and then we focused on the interior design of some buildings of the neighbourhood. For example, regarding the topic of freespace as a democratic space for opportunities and uses not yet conceived, we decided to make the neighbourhood more permeable to the citizens and to offer more services and interesting places to the inhabitants. Firstly, we designed a public and pedestrian path which cut the parcel both in the traversal and in the longitudinal way: this path is not monotonous as it has slops, stairs, benches and green areas with trees in order to offer several places to play, meet people and share feelings. The main spot of this pedestrian path is a sunken square which connects this path to the main street via Ricciarelli and which stands as the entrance for a new multifunctional bar for the neighbourhood. Moreover, in order to create a self-sufficient headquarter, we decided to place commercial and tertiary activities like small shops, co-working and educational places on the ground floor of the buildings facing via Ricciarelli and the new pedestrian axis. We also designed a new access block to the buildings with a glazed parallelepiped for the entrance, a social gatehouse, which works like a joint between public and private, and a small activity for the inhabitants, like a baby- parking, a gym or a civic centre. Finally, the ground floor of each building was 1.15m high so, in order to make the entire neighbourhood accessible by everyone, we had to put a lift for each stairs block. As a result, we decided to put the lift outside the buildings and to characterise these lift towers by making them glazed and lit as landmarks of the area.


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