Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: A window for San Siro

July 5th, 2018

The San Siro district, located in the north-western outskirts of Milan city, it presents itself as a strongly multi-ethnic place today, characterized by a slightest presence of Italian citizens even in the schools of its area.

The district presents a large number of social issues and disadvantages, with buildings fallen into a state of disrepair or deterioration and homes that are no longer suitable to accommodate users. 

The idea to restore the entire district has been to focus on the new generations by ensuring a better level of education, spaces for recreation and culture, such as theaters or libraries, and sports areas, so as to raise the social level starting from inside. To do this, we have included a series of new routes to connect a different areas of the district and the various schools, which has different percentage of foreign students, increasing these routes with recreational, leisure and cultural spaces. The old marketplace has been expanded and it has been incorporated sports spaces and a hub in it, that will create a new area in which they can meet several generations.

For the housing project we decided to move in two directions: the first one, aimed at create versatile accommodation that can easily adapt to the needs of different users, by transforming the furnishings; the second one , organizing the spaces according to a precise and defined idea of users, always coherent with the needs of the district.

In order to guarantee a better indoor climate comfort, the thickening of the external masonry was necessary, but limiting the impact of light inside the dwellings.The window, therefore, presenting an external gorge on the side, allows to enter as much natural light as possible.

The placeent and the height of the threshold is in close relationship with the entire interior organism, of which it becomes the last principle and purpose.The window, which will integrate blackout blinds and windowsill, will give light to all its shapes through the reflection on the white walls and the wooden essence of the furniture. The perception of indoor as well as outdoor areas will also be enriched by glimpses permitting changes in the orientation of furnishings and indeed the window.

Cavaliere, Martone, Pannitti

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