Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8 JUL:Piazza or Living room ?!

July 5th, 2018

The Piazza San Matteo is located in Genoa. This piazza is made of a huge platform with 180 cm height and according to the interviews we made with the locals, the area has lack of social interaction.We took the idea of a small, cosy place and decided to shape this square as “living room”.The existing situation does not allow people to circulate in the piazza. While the upper level which in bigger portion of the piazza was only used by the tourist, the lower level was only used as a passage. In order to create a circulation, we designed 3 levels that enables to approach the piazza as a whole, not as parts of two different volumes. Therefore, the levels are created as stairs which are allowing people to climb into the upper levels but also providing seating areas for them. However, we kept a part of the existing piazza which is connected to the preserved area.One part of the piazza remain the same with the same tiles. This area is considered as a place for gathering for the touristic groups and in that area the historical value was conserved. The other part of the piazza designed with levels in colors in order to create a contrast with the existing design and atmosphere where people can hang out. The design of the seating areas are a critical point for our design to emphasize the concept of living room.Since, the area is so small, it is not an ideal choice to put extra seating elements to the area. So, we located the parapets at the edge of every steps. However, they are not ordinary parapets. They are designed as a combination of 2 rectangle frames in order to resemble of a couch’s basic shape. The parapets are also located for the safety reasons.In addition to this, we wanted hide the lighting elements that we are going to design, the best choice is to locate them under the handrails. By doing so, it is possible to turn the frames of the parapet into a couch shaped by light.

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