Arzachena House

July 5th, 2018

A life without a defined border between inside and outside, wilderness and architectural order: this is the concept behind the house of Arzachena by Marco Zanuso. Along the coast of Sardinia, 20 meters far from the most stunning seashore, a stronghold of granite separate the uncontaminated nature from 2 rustic bedroom and a small kitchen.

The 60 cm deep granite walls create a barrier for the summer heat and the small square windows allow the wind passage inside the rooms. An essential pergola hosts the vines of the courtyard tree and create a shade for the dining table, a reused mill wheel. The aim of the house is to live in a close contact with the nature and the landscape and it’s a contradiction with its architectural composition. The house is a square formed by 9 additional squares. The Greek cross void that form the courtyard and the negative of the 4 rooms are a constant repetition of the same module.

The 2 additional rounded volumes are built in an expansion and partially betray the essence of the original structure. Apart from the shape, that is still a primitive one, the expansion adds a layer of complexity not needed in the house. The biggest round is a living room with a large window framing the sea, originally the window was along the squared border and more than a window, it was literally a subtraction from the wall. The smaller one, on the other hand, is a little bathroom accessible from one of the bedroom, an addition to the original one, only reachable from the central courtyard.

Even if the house has been subjected to some changes its nature is the same as always: a gateway to the wilderness, in the beautiful seas of Arzachena.


Federico Messa – Ilaria Mollica

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