Alpine chalet

July 5th, 2018

The model represents the interior of Alpine chalet. The challenge was to reactivate and to extend the abandoned chalet, located in National park of Ponte di Legno without touching the exterior facade. The concept was to organize the space in such a way that there are no formal walls as divisions, but margines which would divide space, but at the same time keep it unified. The furniture is an element itself which modulates the space and is designed to perfectly fit the human scale. By working on this micro-scale, the idea was to directly influence human needs and to improve quality of usage of space. The secrets of space are created by combination of openings which are not clearly visible, giving the person more privacy by making spatial divisions. For instance, the hidden doors in the closet, which at the same time separates but also connects two different functions, giving the user a chance to feel an unusual experience overagain. In this way we are giving those personalized spaces as a gift to the user.

Katarina Radaljac

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