Community Hub

July 4th, 2018

When we talk about  community hub we talk about  a space for society, a hybrid structure that mixes different functions and is part of the urban regeneration.  

The aim is to collect different activities  and to get together a mix of culture and people. 

This project is located in Città Studi in Milan, in front of the Architecture faculty in Piazza Leonardo. 

The hardest difficulty was the one to get together all the different spaces and the needs required: a restaurant and bar, a coworking space, commercial activities, a library and an art gallery, a conference hall, laundry services for resident that were divided between temporary/university students and hostel, a studying space for students, common living rooms and sports facilities. 

All the common activies are located on the esternal arms while the hostel and the residence for students are on the court part of the building. The main entrance on the ground floor is from the corner in front of the Politecnico, which immediatly gets you into the public bar: from here there’s a connection with the commercial activities and the internal courtyard. The second entrance, which is the one with the public stair, directly connects to the restaurant on the first floor: both the resturant open to the public and the one only for students have oper terraces. Over the restaurant there is the two floors library that looks to the politecnico with a large window thats shows the internal stair that connect the two floors. 

All the hostel rooms are located on the first floor, while the students dorms are divided in two categories: only the fourth floors has double rooms, while the single are kept on the other floors.On the top of the common spaces there are two accessible terraces used for the sport facilities and the open air garden. 

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