Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: This is not a FRAME

July 4th, 2018


The exhibition house which is located in Amsterdam, near to the canal. The location of the area is neighbor with the famous club, Paradiso. In the exhibition house collection of De Stijl works of art which is born in Netherland, are on display. Using the philosophy of De Stijl art, we tried to define a space according to the main framework of this style.

We decided to use the concept of centrifuged cubes in order to lay more emphasis on the metaphorical tree locating at the center of the project. While the spaces in the upper floor is more attached and connected together, the ground floor consists of more detached spaces with different functions. The ground floor cubes are separated from each other so the relationship between the spaces and the nature is strengthen. The gallery, on the first floor is organized in one way direction pathway passing interconnected spaces. Some cubes are rotated to be aligned with the canal. The ceiling heights are always changing to give different spaces while you are passing through the cubes. We aimed to express the abstraction lying behind the paintings of Mondrian in the frame of a tree which shows the close relationship between nature and human being.

The scale of the model is 1:500. We used plaster to show the abstract form of the building as a sculpture. Therefore, in a way we can see the exhibition house as a sculpture, an object which is not separated from the whole concept.

Mert Aytac | Co-worked with: Emad Lajevardi,Peyvand Taheri, Shiva Dadkhah


















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