Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: The room of the “Ora et Labora”

July 4th, 2018

Knud Friis, Elar Moltke Nielsen
Højen 13 , 8220 Brabrand
Central Jutland
1958 || 1970

The trace of the brick fence that envelopes the patio house by Friis at the floor plan is the transversal limit for the extension.
The meditation room is a sequence of parallel strips between these two borders.
The first two strips define the distance from the Friis house. They are a long bush and a large staircase conceived as a groove to get into the ground.
The room itself is made up of tridimensional strips: they are sub-rooms which, the more they go towards the woods, the more the dig the ground.
The results are three solid bases which create an internal artificial topography and redefine the relationship with the ground while the roof upon them moves itself in order to manipulate at the same time the entrance of light and the sight of the woods from both the house and the extension.
There are no internal wall to separate bases but just a long wooden desk conceived as a protective virtual wall.
The eyes are always directed to the woods or to the big wall that frames from the bottom the tree trunks.

A work by B. Conforti – L. Giordano

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