Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Performance Space in Castellavazzo Cement Works _ Belluno, Veneto

July 4th, 2018


The initial discuss of this design, is to explore more possible relationship between the performers and the audience. The traditional way of performing, is that the audience sit in a specific area isolated from the stage, the only interaction they have is the visual connection. In this case the performing is just an activity of observation, watch and being watched.The concept of our design is to eliminate the boundaries between the audience and the performance.

First the performing space, or the stage. With the combination of the new structure, Ytong precast concrete and the old structure, has been created a conceptual cube, called it the “black box”, within there are three cylinders, which are the elements that have been kept from the old factory. The new grid structure has been designed taking in account the oldest one garanteeing the flexibility of the space, indeed it can be changed easily according to the various demands of the different performances.

The three cylinders are covered by an ETFA layer, can catch the natural light; simultaneously the designed openings give the possibility to the ‘‘dark box’’ to be lighted so that the space can be shaped by di use and dramatic spot light for the stage.

These are the elements to create all-round space where the performance and the audience can act and move everywhere: all the possible interactions makes the audience part of the performance.

Considering the residential area, the living units have been designed as an occasion to extend the performance space thought in a residential sphere: daily life becomes part of the performance process. The space is no more divided just belonging to rational and functional issues but is the result of private and public zone that come into conflict. Indeed mixed characters composed of different elements generate a hybrid space.

The external area has been treated as the performance space: platforms, which are accessible
to all, allowing the audience to observe the common activities of the actors during the non-performing time and outside-performance-events. In other word, the life of the actors are also part of the performance.

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