Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Milan Matline

July 4th, 2018


The building is designed as a social condenser of public functions that will animate a part of the city of Milan without this kind of services. The building is located in an abandoned parking lot in the district of Crescenzago, near the subway line 2.

The building is divided into six main areas: a temporary exhibition space, a kindergarthen, an educational center, an open bookshelf library, a business complex and an auditorium. The functions were developed on the basis of data on the population of the district and the requests of the client: in fact on the one hand there was a high number of foreigners residing in the area near via Padova for which the educational center will be built, on the other hand, the client requested specifically to create a library.

This architecture develops as a mat-building, a concept developed in the 1960s by Peter and Alison Smithson and by Alexis Josic, Georges Candilis and Shadrach Woods in the Freie Universität of Berlin. The building mainly develops horizontally and is characterized by internal courtyards which allow natural light to enter inwards. The indoor open space system creates a green runner in continuity with the public green spaces in the sorrounding area. The mat-building system is articulated in three overlaid layers: the first consists of the paths, the second is formed by the spaces with a square plan for the different functions, the third is made up of the internal courts.

The building is characterized by a variety of external facades: the façade facing the exit of the underground station is very transparent and consists of a curtain wall, the main façade facing via Civitavecchia is partly hidden by the auditorium building, detached from the large mat-building, the façade facing the inner garden is characterized by colored brise soleil furniture with primary colors that with the shed cover identify the area dedicated to kindergarthen.

A project by Simone Dalben

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