Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Cadavre exquis

July 4th, 2018

Cadavre exquis | 1:20 detail

This maquette tells the story of an “outdoor|interior project”, inspired by the dadaist game of the cadavre exquis. This game was intended to exacerbate the paradox and to make meaningless phrases, formulated by the players. In fact the name comes from the first sentence written: “Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau”. This technique of combining different parts to create an extravagant new thing was later taken up in painting by the surrealists and the results were strange creatures with some parts of human body, half animal and half machine. Our will was to re-propose this game in our project with the intention to recreate an interior space inside an open one, located in Via Ampère, in front of the Politecnico di Milano. With my team, we tried to change the way people see this space of high speed flows from the tube to the University, making them stop thanks to a partecipate installation. The first step was to take a pencil and a slight strip of paper, that was signed with a number from one to five. Each number corresponds to a precise syntactic term of the sentence in this order: noun, adjective, verb, noun, adjective. So in this way, without seeing what other spectators had written, everyone had only the task of hanging up his|her own word on a cable, stretched between two trees, following the numeric order, creating different and smashing sentences. This gesture had an implicit architectural claim of modifying the space, making spectators|actors, unconscious builders of a “paper tent” thanks to which other people would have been attracted by the installation and then would have looked at the space in a different way, out of the canonic scheme they used to feel it, maybe discovering architectural or urban qualities they’ve never seen before.

Progetto a cura di Filippo Ghisleni | Giulia Grigolli | Arianna Rusconi

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