Biennale-Sessions_2018/6-8JUL: Exhibition house in Amsterdam

July 3rd, 2018

3 volumes, representing the 3 different levels of the exhibition house in Amsterdam. The idea of the ‘shell and core’ is introduced, with the popping out and popping in some volumes. The main daylight comes from the top and it creates a luminous box where the visitor’s attention should start but also should finish. Openings on the north facade designed as pop-ins and on east and west facade as pop-outs, shape the inner space of the exhibition. Indirect light coming from this openings improves the atmosphere but eliminates negative effects of natural lights. After the whole exhibition seen, the visitor would be able to fully enjoy and engage. It should regard as the guidance around the central core all the way through each of the art pieces.

‘The shell’ is inspired by the traditional context of the site’s buildings. Concerning usage of the materials, 3D printing is applied in order better to define the volumes in 1:200 model. Using the glass from the top because of the openness and brightness that we would like to introduce to the art pieces.

Concering the plan, the more public space, such as the coffee bar and library, would cover the area turned to the canal with the possibility of completely opening them in the summer period. While the closed facade would be turned to the street. By doing this, it is expected  that most of the people while walking down the street to have the feeling of seeing a similar building to the context.


Sara Kocevska

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